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WordPress Installation Premium Package

This package includes everything from the basic and standard package plus:

Additionally the following services will be provided:


  • Installation and configuration of Image compression
  • Installation and configuration of caching plugin
  • Installation of site speed plugin
  • SEO Plugin and customization
  • Create a sitemap and submit to Bing/Google


  • Installation and configuration of Ads plugin (e.g. for AdSense or others)
  • Download Monitor with PayPal (to sell digital products)
  • Affiliate link disclaimer in the footer
  • Term and Services template page
  • Preparation of Pricing Template section like this

Wordpress Installation and Set up


Wordpress Installation and set up

Social integration

Analytics and Monetization


WordPress Installation Standard Package

The standard package include everything from the basic package and additionally:

Social integration

  • Sharing buttons for all social networks (floating sidebar)
  • Sharing button in posts/pages
  • Email Optin form in the footer (MailChimp including account creation)
  • Contact Me Form with reCaptcha (+Account setup if required)
  • Preparation of Testimonials section

Testimonials examples

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right
Sandy Texas

What a great service

Tom Idaho

Very friendly support

Stacy Rome

Perfectly customized for me


  • Installation and configuration of Analytics Plugin
  • Connection and verification with Google Analytics
  • Connection and verification with Bing
  • Dashboard update for quick statistics