About Me

I’m the author of “How to Sell your Photos Online” and “The Secret of Passing your HSK  Chinese Level 1 Exam”. I created a cross-platform App to pass exams, several websites, and I sell photos on Microstock websites. In summary, I’m a passionate passive income freelancer who gave up his 9-5 Job at Hewlett-Packard years ago.

I was born in Germany, studied IT and worked in Cologne for 15 years when I decided to try something new. I moved to China where I worked for HP for many years before I discovered my passion for creating a passive income.

I always believed that constant learning and self-improvement is the key and I was right. I obtained more than 10 certificates in several fields and now I am selling the practice tests I used to pass these exams successfully with my own App (https://www.quizzerwiz.com).

Finally, my practice tests are also available on Udemy.

I just love the challenge of taking exams so I started this blog to help others to lose their fear, to improve their study skills and actually to enjoy to take a test. And the best of all: You get paid for it if you do it right and create valuable material.

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